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Bestyfit’s cool comfortable compression leggings is what differentiate us from the rest. Thicker feeling to the touch but lightweight to wear. For no better words: “Feel the difference” and fall in love. Because we believe that one size don’t fit all, but 2 sizes cover must of the spectrum: We carry the one size that fits (XS/S, S/M, M/L) and the so call plus size that covers L and XL. Both size have been tested over and over again by our quality department and our clients with tranquility. "They really do fit" is the most common expression we hear!!! And yes all sizes from Small to Large will have an incredible nice, comfortable compression. The leggings adjust to the body as you are pulling them up for an...

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HUMM... AND WHAT MAKE US SPECIAL? Feel the difference and you will understand what really differentiate us from the rest: Latest compression Sports wear fabrics in the market. Thick to the touch but light weight on the body.High-tech breathable fabrics and Performance fabric to enhances your workout.Comfortable Elastic in the back of the waistband for stability.Hand-picked anatomical design;All our products are environment-friendly.4-way stretch technology moves along with you.Moisture-wicking antimicrobial technology

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Nothing more embarrassing that walking around the gym with stains of sweat on the wrong places. Funny even. Everyone but you will see it and no one will say anything beside staring. Hahaha. Well until you check yourself in the mirror and that was it for your workout.C'EST FINI!! Leggings for athletic wear and yoga practice are often labeled as quick-drying. However, many of us don’t really understand what this function really is. Most workouts consist of high, medium and/or lower intense intervals in which most bodies perspiration increase and our bodies produce sweat. This sweat is usually absorbed by the based layer of cloths we are wearing. However, The ability of a pair of leggings to dry quickly depends on the materials and fabrics of which they are made.

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